Tom Rink

Tom Rink used his Business Management and Entrepreneurship skills developed from Hiram College to create a unique approach to insurance.

Tom has spent his time dedicated to helping seniors navigate through the insurance jungle, educating them on their existing financial exposures, and providing solutions to help bring peace of mind to all of his clients.


The mission of Rink Insurance Solutions is to help individuals and families better understand their insurance options. Taking the time to provide a full explanation and answer questions is an important and valued aspect of Rink Insurance Solutions. I personally treat each and every client like family and take pride in being a trusted resource to your insurance needs.


Choosing Rink Insurance Solutions as your insurance broker means that you can always count on:

  • Personalized Consultations
  • Plan comparisons
  • Life-long customer service
  • Un-biased, expert advice
  • Annual plan reviews

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